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Here you will find direct links to what is on tap at our favorite places here in Fort Wayne, IN


In addition to the places listed below , use our customized map of places previous Misfits have visited and highly recommend and are deemed Misfit Approved:

 Misfit Approved Venues



Summit City Brewerks Tap List

Mad Anthony BrewPub Tap List

Trubble Brewing

Junk Ditch Brewing

BirdBoy Brewing


 Craft Beer Bars

Deer Park Irish Pub Tap List

JK O’Donnell’s Beer List

Trion Tavern Tap List

Dicky’s 21 Taps List

Dash-In Tap List

Calhoun Street CS3 Tap List

Hoppy Gnome Tap List

Rudy’s Beer List

Nearby Fort Wayne

Cerulean Restaurant

Brick House Grill